Friday, December 16, 2011

Ready for reliving those moments

Ashita always keeps a distance from household thing...This is the only thing Mom hate about her..
She cn't help she is a tom boy after all ( As peoples says ) 
May be behind the strict face of a hardcore journalist  that girl hiding some where...

Some time she just love to come out. 
It happened today....During the cleaning of the room ( household work definitely ) found her note book.

This is not just a notebook this is a friend a companion of the hard & exciting days...
the very first page was all about  the E'mail Id's & Website addresses.
All kind of journalism institutes their  contact numbers, addresses  & all.    

Date  :- 01-05 last day of BAF exam ....Evening at CHETAN's place making a list of all the institutes who provides the Journalism courses ...Whole night checking dates & all 

Till the 28th page The book was appearing like a job consular's  diary...Every page about a new college A new institute.. rules Regulation, fee & all 

made me realize how much she was crazy for this...The lust..The passion..The determination 

Date :- 06-06 Trip to Delhi...Bhartiya vidhya bhawan...The very first interview of my life.
When i realized what makes me Me
What is Ashita

 First time a guy openly + cutely  flirted ..&. I just told myself "welcome to the Metropolitan cities"
( Abhi Sinha I want you to read this line )
Cant Forget The lady VIBHA RAO who told me that Small town girl are good for nothing
O yea ? Really ?
Watching yourself on a television set was the best thing till the date :)
Cnt forget the Metro train too
Chnadni chauk, Pagalpanti on Lal kila & Paranthe wali gali

All the time was with Daddy...This was the first time when we spent 4 days together Otherwise we used to meet after 3 -4 moths....
Remembering  the shine in your eyes When you welcomed me in front of the gate..You was sure that your SHER BETA will win....I was scared...Worried ..But you was sure 
Finally it happened Ashi got selected.....I asked "papa Delhi me rehne ki yavastha kaise hogi" & he replied "ye to Delhi hai tu bol to London Paris me bhi kuchh kar hi lenge" 

Date :- 22-06 gave my CET at my second home...My very own Mumbai....Got highest  too...was so excited. 

From page number 29 to the last number 50 
It was all about how Daddy used to teach me about the Mumbai local...the routs 
"From Chanri road get a slow for Santacruz get a Auto reach Kalina"

Ashita smiled....How funny it is....
Its your love Daddy..Mwaah to you 

Where is Mom...The lady who was miles away...Dreaming for the better life of her Daughter 
Love you both 

Daddy gave me a few contact number with a mark 
They are not just a few figures for me 
These peoples got a beautiful place in my heart 
Dinesh uncle...Leenna mumma.....Dipak uncle....Sharada aunty...falguni didi....Mohini..Chhaya 
One name..his number I still have 
My fingers stopped there upon his name...
Angel :) 
The one who made me feel all the things novels talk about & film shows about.
The one cuz of whom I felt like Any  Elizabeth bennet, Portia or Shankuntala
The one Whom i considered as my Dushyant ...My Yaksha...My Udayan 
Because he made me fascinated. 
 I felt like  Shakuntala....Yakshini..Or Swapanawasavdatta...

A tear dropped on his name
With a smile hugged  the book 
kissed the book 

Ready for reliving  those the moments.... 
They are precious...
It makes me realize The difference in Ashita
That one note book ..My best friend during struggle....

yess It was very familiar 
It was about The "AD" brand  
Im not lost..
You inspired me again 
You filled me with NEVER SAY DIE attitude
You gave me the courage 
You made me young 
You gave me the same old spirit 

Ashita is the same one now With the same dream 
Im gonaa make AD the best brand evaaaa :)