Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Child finally died !!!

It was my Birthday 
You wanted to make my birthday the most memorable day of my life.

We met, we hugged, we kissed. 

You touched my waist in a gantle manner your that touch still facinates me. 
You played with my hair and I found my life getting its meaning.
You Kissed my foreheard, You cried on my lap
I found the treasure of the world in your lap.
I found my eletrenal search belongs to your rosy chicks.
We looked at each othar & then looked at the world.
You smiled, you said I'm your everything.

The darkest night became bright cuz of our love.
It was the most beautiful night of my life.  

Next morning when we woke up you was so thrilled 
I felt so lucky that M the reason behid your smile. 

Your KARMA was calling you....You left..
Your work needs have to go This is what i told during the adios.

A few days later I found myself pregnent. 
I was having your child in my womb. 
I was so thrilled So as you was. 
We hugged each other thru laptop.

Every relationship goes thru stuff. 
yes, we saw so many phases.
we fought, we cried, we hated, we loved, we teased, we smiled, we kissed
We were together.

I was so excited.
my nine months gonna complete after a single day.
I was about to deliver your baby.

you hugged me, We made love

Then we both cried on the Hard time. you promised me to be with me.
you said you was lucky that you found me.
you thanked me for taking care of your baby.

Don't know "usske baad kiski najar lag gyi"  

All of a sudden, You said
"hmare bich Jo bhi huaa bhul jaao use,
Wo raat ek galti thi,, galtiyaa kisse nahi hoti bhul jaao sab kuchh" 

I asked what about our child.
You said "Do you have a proof that It's my child ?

No, I don't have a single proof. 
You wanted to leave.....I asked, I begged, I paryed.
In return you kicked my womb, my stomach. 

I fainted & You left. 

I was alone, was crying, was seeing the blood & flesh of my child.

I screamed but You was not there.

I tried to save my child but In vain.
My child just died before its delivery.
Yes, The child finally died.................

May i ask you what was the fault of my child ???  

Don't forget my love was my child