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Few Facts About our very own Sourav Ganguly

A few fact about prince of Kolkata Bengal tiger 
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Sourav Ganguly's Bio - Data

Full name: Sourav Chandidas Ganguly

Date of birth: 08 July 1973 11.45 A.M.

Place of birth: Calcutta (now Kolkata), India

Speaks: English, Hindi, and Bengali fluently

Schools attended: St. Xavier's, Calcutta

Degree: B.A., St. Xavier's

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Occupation: Former captain and player of the Indian team

Major Teams: Bengal, India, ACC Asian XI, Lancashire and Glamorgan (England)

ODI debut: India vs. West Indies at Brisbane, World Series, 1991/1992

Test debut: India vs. England at Lord's, 2nd Test, 1996

Batting style: Left hand bat

Bowling style: Right arm medium

Height: 5'11''

Family: Parents - Chandidas and Nirupa Ganguly

Sibling (s) - Brother Snehashish Ganguly

Wife - Dona Roy ( born Aug. 22 )

Children - Daughter Sana (born Nov 3, 2001)

Greatest influences: Dad, Debu Mitra (coach), and cricketers Ravi Shashtri and Azharuddin

Address: 2/6 Biren Roy Road

Behala, Kolkata - 700 008

West Bengal, India

Martial status: Happily married to Dona Roy

Shoe size: 10

Car: Red Mercedes convertible

Mentor: Father, Chandi Ganguly

Favorite sport: Cricket and Soccer

Favorite cricketers: Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara, and Steve Waugh

Favorite sportswoman: Steffi Graff

Favorite actor: Amitabh Bachchan, SRK, Abhishek Bachchan, and Soumitra Chatterjee

Favorite actress: Aishwariya Rai and Raveena Tandon

Favorite Soccer player: Brazillian soccer player, Pele

Favorite Tennis player: Pete Sampras and Leander Paes

Favorite movie: Sholay (Hindi)

Favorite foods: Biryani, Alu Posto and Chingri Macher Malaikari (Bengali dishes), Black Dal

Favorite holiday: London and Darjeeling

Favorite city: Calcutta and London

Favorite author: Satyajit Ray

Favorite car: Mercedes convertible

Cricket philosophy: Look at someone who has a lot to learn. Be different and prove your

critics wrong

Philosophy in life: Be a good human being

Most relaxing thing to do: Watch his wife do a dance routine

Best moment: Daughter Sana's birth

Hates most about himself: Gets excited too quickly

Most embarrassing moment: Dancing with Hrithik Roshan for the Hero Honda advertisement

Impressed with: Steve Waugh's never-say-die attitude, and Rahul Dravid's attitude to life

Most valued cricket gear: First Test cap and first bat

Most prized possession: Daughter Sana

Batting strategy: Take ten runs at a time

Sourav Chandidas Ganguly made his entry into this world on 11.45 a.m.  July 08, 1973 in Calcutta, the ‘City of Joy’, now Kolkata. He was born into a sports loving family and was the second of two sons born to Chandidas and Nirupa Ganguly. He was born into immense wealth, unlike many Indian cricketers, with the exception of royalty. His parents gave him the nickname of ‘Maharaj’ meaning ‘Prince’. Perhaps, they knew that their son was born to lead.
Sourav’s father, Chandidas Ganguly runs a flourishing printing business, the 3rd largest in Asia, that has helped make the Gangulys among the 5 richest in Kolkata.  Even  today, Dada's
father is one of the major barons in the printing business in Kolkata. His palatial, joint-family home which has nearly 30 members in the Kolkata suburb of Behala has more than 45 rooms. There is suggestion of affluence everything in the Ganaguly household, from the palatial 4-storey building itself to the beautifully decorated rooms. The annual turnover of Sourav's family is nearly 80 crores, with just a profit of 40 crores!
As a child, Sourav was extremely mischievous, a typical Cancerian one could say.  His brother Snehashish (nicknamed Raj) was born five years before him and became an accomplished left handed batsman. Though Sourav is a natural right hander, he learned to bat with his left hand from his brother, Snehashish. Sourav does everything else, including writing and bowling with his right hand.  Convenience was one of the reasons for Sourav to become a left-handed batsman as he could then use his brother's cricket gear.
For someone who is one of the best cricketers of contemporary times, it would come as a surprise to many of Sourav’s fans that cricket was not his first love. Like all people who dwell in the city of Kolkata, Sourav’s first sporting passion was football. But like most Indian kids, he had to make the difficult choice between academics and sport and his mother wasn’t very supportive of Sourav taking up cricket or any sport as a career. But Snehashish, who was an established cricketer for Bengal only strengthened his brother’s resolve to be a cricketer and he asked his father to get Sourav enrolled in a cricket coaching camp during Sourav's class ten holidays.
For a young man who used his brother's cricket gear during practice, it was indeed ironical that he replaced his brother in the Bengal cricket team and consequently, Snehashish was dropped. And thus, Sourav began a glorious cricketing career.

Sourav made his debut in international cricket way back in 1992 during a tour Down Under. But unfortunately, the 19-year old played in just one match against West Indies at Brisbane in which he failed to make an impression, and hence, was dropped from the side. A young Sourav had to face more than just the frustration of being dropped after one opportunity. Rumors of his attitude problems and lack of respect for the senior players hurt Sourav the most. There were also reports in certain newspapers that Sourav refused to carry drinks on the field for a senior cricketer, which he denies till date. He was given a raw deal on his first tour when some prominent cricketers tagged him to be ‘arrogant’ and a ‘
boy with no cricketing talent’. He was ignored for well over four years and many thought that his days as an international cricketer were numbered.
A few years later, however, Sourav came back strong and more determined than ever to make his mark in the world of cricket. He made his debut along with his good friend and now vice captain, Rahul Dravid in the 2nd test vs. England at Lord’s.  Sourav amazed cricketers and critics alike when he smashed a century in his debut Test.
He went on to score a century in the very next innings as well. More success came his way when Sourav was named ‘man of the series’ in his Debut. Weeks after his successful tour of England, Sourav eloped with childhood sweetheart Dona Roy. All hell broke lose when the the families of Sourav and Dona heard learnt about the secret wedding. However, both families reconciled and a formal wedding was held on 21st of February in 1997. Happily married, Sourav and Dona are proud parents of a girl named Sana, born in November 2001. She was born on the third day of November.

Sourav hasn’t looked back since his debut and today, he has many records to his name including that of the highest score in a World Cup and is the 2nd highest century getter in ODI after teammate Sachin Tendulkar. He is also referred to as 'the golden arm' in the Indian team as his gentle medium pace bowling has given India many a vital breakthrough in one-day cricket. In Test matches today, he, Rahul Dravid and the great Tendulkar form the core of the Indian batting line up. 
This man is revered in his home town where he enjoys a God like status. But that is the price one has to pay for being a celebrity in India. If people in Kolkata come to know that Sourav is home, there is a huge crowd that gathers at the gate of his palatial home. As likeable as he is, Sourav also has been firm enough to let overbearing fans and prying media persons know that he deserves and needs his share of privacy. Sourav prefers a quiet evening alone with his wife rather than have photographers and lensmen chasing him all over Kolkata. Sourav is also a deeply religious person and observes a fast every Tuesday.

No one had thought that a lad ridiculed as a non talent, brushed off as being high headed, accused of showing disrespect towards seniors and having attitude problems would one day lead the Indian cricket team. Yet, Sourav Ganguly is now in the hot seat as the captain of the Indian Cricket team. Sourav was appointed as captain when Sachin Tendulkar, shocked everyone by stepping down from his captaincy after India’s disastrous tour Down Under in 1999. As vice captain to Tendulkar, Sourav was the most obvious choice.
Sourav began well as captain, leading India to a series win over South Africa in the 5 match one day series. He really
started coming into his own as the leader of the Indian Team in the ICC Knockout trophy, where he led India to the finals.
Sourav felt that every young player should play two years of domestic cricket before being selected for international assignments. He also said that every newcomer should be given at least five games to prove himself. Perhaps, he being at a receiving end of a raw deal that threatened to ruin his international cricket career enabled Sourav to understand the insecurities of other newcomers in the team better than his predecessors. Sourav backed the youngsters in the team tremendously and thus, gained the love of his teammates.
Sourav also was not shy of taking on responsibility. He showed that he can be a leader of a team, which has greats like Sachin and Dravid in the side, without any problems. Under Sourav's leadership, India got back the winning habit which the team had forgotten.
Today, Sourav Ganguly is the most successful Indian captain leaving Mohammed Azharuddin’s previous record of 14 test wins behind. Sourav has won 21 Tests as captain, of which more than 7 wins have come overseas! His success rate is an amazing 42%, the highest ever by an Indian captain.

Under his captaincy, the Indian team achieved remarkable heights, including the Test series win against  Australia  at home in 2001, reaching the World Cup Final in 2003, and winning both the one-day and Test series in Pakistan in 2004.  
In just a few years, Sourav rewrote the rules of captaincy. Unlike some of his predecessors, he was impartial, non-parochial, and forever pushed his players to perform better. Off the field, Sourav’s interactions with the media, his fans, and detractors were uncompromisingly honest and earned him the respect of cricket followers everywhere. His 5-year reign
as India's most successful skipper came to an end in October 2005 when vice-captain Rahul Dravid was given the hot seat. 

Sourav Ganguly is not just the ‘Prince of Calcutta’ but he is also the ‘Monarch of Indian Cricket’. 

Sourav Ganguly’s Love Story 

Each & every girl & boy dreams of that kinda romance & wedding

The love story of Sourav Ganguly and Dona Roy would make perfect material for a masala Hindi Movie.
Sourav Ganguly has lived a life of luxury as he comes from an affluent family. But this does not mean that life has been a ‘walk in the park’ for Dada. As much as his cricketing career has been a ‘tale to tell’, his personal life is also no less than a movie script. Dada is not a man to express his emotions in words, so when it came to the love of his life, he kept his words aside and went to action mode straightaway.
All of us know the old adage ‘Love Thy Neighbour’, but Sourav took it a bit too seriously when he fell head over heels in love with his next door neighbour, Dona. The two familial houses shared a common boundary wall.
Sourav and Dona grew up together and were best of friends. Like a true love struck teenage hero, Sourav would take a drive around Dona’s school with the hope of seeing her. But all was not rosy candy-floss stuff like a KJo movie. The families drifted apart and became sour enemies. Like legendary Romeo and Juliet style, any kind of alliance between the two families was completely unacceptable. Even though the two families kept a distance, Sourav went to watch Dona perform Odissi recitals and Dona watched his matches. The cuteness of their story is surely going to warm every heart.
The couple saw to it that they kept their sweet secret under the wraps. Though Sourav’s family was adamant at not approving a non-Brahmin girl as their daughter-in-law, our Dada is Dada. After Sourav returned from his spectacular Test debut at Lords in 1996, they decided it was time to tie the knot. At that time he was the ‘toast of the town’ and his household was in a celebratory mood.
Sourav called up Moloy Banerjee , the highly respected Bengal cricketer, and confided in him. He later agreed and said, “Can’t say no to Maharaj.” On August 12, 1996, they were married by the registrar, in Banerjee’s living room. When the families got the news, all hell broke loose, but gradually went on to accept the decision of their children. A formal wedding was conducted on February 21st 1997. This is the date the couple celebrates as their wedding anniversary.
After almost 15 years of marriage they are still the best of friends and friendlier neighbours. This is the story of the Maharaj and his Dancing Queen. We all know about Dada’s mental strength and the way he transformed Indian cricket. Therefore this story might not have surprised many as knowing his strong head, in hindsight it was evident that this Dilwala was surely going to get his Dulhaniya, anyhow.

his wife owns a dance school :-
!The school's name is Diksha Manjari and it is in Barisha , Behala contact no.- +(91)-(33)-24469988.Proper location address - 5 B, Biren Roy Road East, Kolkata - 700008... She herself teaches Oddisi there!!!!!!! 

Ambitious,Aggressive Bold,Brisk,Concentrated,Dedicated,Elegant,Enormous,Efficient,Eligible,Focused,Generous,Genuine,High-tech,Intelligent,Jovial,knack,Lovable,Maestro,Narrative,Outspoken,Outstanding,Progressive,Participation,Qualified,quality,Respective,

Restless, Smart,Stubborn,Straight forward,Social,Talented,Tactical,Universal,Versatile,Valuable,


A-Z You are the Best...Love u my Sourav :-)
·         Ambitious,Aggressive Bold,Brisk,Concentrated,Dedicated,Elegant,Enormous,Efficient,Eligible,Focused,Generous,Genuine,High-tech,Intelligent,Jovial,knack,Lovable,Maestro,Narrative,Outspoken,Outstanding,Progressive,Participation,Qualified,quality,Respective,

Restless, Smart,Stubborn,Straight forward,Social,Talented,Tactical,Universal,Versatile,Valuable,


A-Z You are the Best...Love u my Sourav :-)
 his wife owns a dance school :-
!The school's name is Diksha Manjari and it is in Barisha , Behala contact no.- +(91)-(33)-24469988.Proper location address - 5 B, Biren Roy Road East, Kolkata - 700008... She herself teaches Oddisi there!!!!!!!
22 AUG.
Happy Birthday Mrs.Dona Ganguly
At the age of (3) three she started learning dance from Amala Shankar, wife of world famous Dancer Uday Shankar. It was the turning point of her career when she shifted to Odissi under the guidance o
f Guru Giridhari Nayek. The most significant development took place when she came across her Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra. She is one of the few Odissi exponents who maintains pure guru Kelucharan Mahapatra gharana. Along with her performance she also teaches dance at her school Diksha manjari. She is the head of the Odissi department of Bharati Vidya Bhavan,Kolkata as well as Tecno India Schools. She is ‘A’ graded artist of Doordarshan.She is the wife of the warrior prince Sourav Ganguly ,She is none other than the one of the greatest Odissi great dancers In Kolkata.She is Mrs.Dona Ganguly.

Some felt he couldn't play the bouncer, others swore that he was God on the off-side; some laughed at his lack of athleticism, others took immense pride in his ability to galvanise a side. Sourav Ganguly's ability to polarise opinion led to one of the most fascinating dramas in Indian cricket. Yet, nobody can dispute that he was India's most successful Test captain - forging a winning unit from a bunch of talented, but directionless, individuals - and nobody can argue about him being one of the greatest one-day batsmen of all time. Despite being a batsman who combined grace with surgical precision in his strokeplay, his career had spluttered to a standstill before being resurrected by a scintillating hundred on debut at Lord's in 1996. Later that year, he was promoted to the top of the order in ODIs and, along with Sachin Tendulkar, formed one of the most destructive opening pairs in history.

When he took over the captaincy after the match-fixing exposes in 2000, he quickly proved to be a tough, intuitive and uncompromising leader. Under his stewardship India started winning Test matches away, and put together a splendid streak that took them all the way to the World Cup final in 2003. Later that year, in Australia, an unexpected and incandescent hundred at Brisbane set the tone for the series where India fought the world's best team to a standstill. Victory in Pakistan turned him into a cult figure but instead of being a springboard for greater things, it was the peak of a slippery slope.

The beginning of the end came in 2004 at Nagpur - when his last-minute withdrawal played a part in Australia clinching the series - and things went pear shaped when his loss of personal form coincided with India's insipid ODI performances. Breaking point was reached when his differences with Greg Chappell leaked into public domain and his career was in jeopardy when India began their remarkable revival under Rahul Dravid.

His gritty 30s at Karachi, when India succumbed to a humiliating defeat in early 2006, weren't enough for him to retain his spot and some felt he would never get another chance. Others, as always, thought otherwise and they were proved right when he was included in the Test squad for the away series in South Africa in 2006-2007. He ended as the highest Indian run-scorer in that series and capped his fairytale comeback with four half-centuries on his return to ODIs. He continued his fine run in England, where he finished as the second highest scorer in Tests, and went on to slam back-to-back hundreds against Pakistan at home, the second of which was a glorious 239 in Bangalore. Ganguly was surprisingly omitted from India's ODI squad for the CB Series in Australia and has been out of contention in the one-day squad since. After a poor Test series in Sri Lanka, there were reports of him considering retirement but he was given a lifeline in the Tests against Australia at home. Two days before the first Test, he said the series would be his last.

Career statistics
Test debut England v India at Lord's, Jun 20-24, 1996 scorecard
Last Test India v Australia at Nagpur, Nov 6-10, 2008 scorecard
Test statistics

ODI debut India v West Indies at Brisbane, Jan 11, 1992 scorecard
Last ODI India v Pakistan at Gwalior, Nov 15, 2007 scorecard
ODI statistics

First-class debut 1989/90
Last First-class Railways v Bengal at Delhi, Dec 15-18, 2010 scorecard
List A debut 1989/90
Last List A Bengal v Tamil Nadu at Ahmedabad, Mar 2, 2010 scorecard
Twenty20 debut Glamorgan v Somerset at Cardiff, Jun 22, 2005 scorecard
Last Twenty20 Kolkata Knight Riders v Mumbai Indians at Kolkata, Apr 19, 2010

Batting and fielding averages
Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 4s 6s Ct St
Tests 113 188 17 7212 239 42.17 14070 51.25 16 35 900 57 71 0
ODIs 311 300 23 11363 183 41.02 15416 73.70 22 72 1122 190 100 0
First-class 248 390 43 15263 239 4
3.98 32 87 167 0
List A 431 415 43 15531 183 41.75 31 97 130 0
Twenty20 58 55 3 1408 91 27.07 1283 109.74 0 8 151 45 21 0
Bowling averages
Mat Inns Balls Runs Wkts BBI BBM Ave Econ SR 4w 5w 10
Tests 113 99 3117 1681 32 3/28 3/37 52.53 3.23 97.4 0 0 0
ODIs 311 171 4561 3849 100 5/16 5/16 38.49 5.06 45.6 1 2 0
First-class 248 11034 6076 164 6/46 37.04 3.30 67.2 4 0
List A 431 8027 6527 168 5/16 5/16 38.85 4.87 47.7 4 2 0
Twenty20 58 33 513 661 27 3/27 3/27 24.48 7.73 19.0 0 0 0
Best Performances
131 v England, Lord's, 1996
Sahara Cup v Pakistan, Toronto, 1997
124 v Pakistan, Independence Cup final, Dhaka, 1997-98

“He who is successful is not ideal. Only he is ideal n revered, who irrespective of success or failure, victory or defeat, gain or loss stands steadfast in the pursuit of his mission” Srimad Bhagvadgita . The story of Sourav Ganguly is essentially that of a bright young lad’s metamorphosis into a leader in a battlefield called cricket. It is the kind of stuff that fairy tales are made of. One of the greatest batsmen of all times with 7212 runs in test n 11363 runs in ODI.Apart from his gentle medium pace bowling has given India many a vital breakthrough in one-day cricket. But he is best known for his leadership of the Indian team. When he took over the captaincy after the match-fixing exposes in 2000, he quickly proved to be a tough, intuitive and uncompromising leader. How can we ever forget his unparallel contribution 2 d team. He is d person whose love and care nurtured the sapling to grow into a tree which we call team India 2day. nobody can dispute that he was India's most successful captain - forging a winning unit from a bunch of talented, but directionless, individuals. He taught the team to play like a team , he brought in d players d attitude 2 win n showed d world that India has d capability 2 win overseas. Inspite of all-these life was not a cake-walk for him. Breaking point was reached when his differences with coach Greg Chappell were divulged into public domain his career was in jeopardy after he was excluded from the team. But all these was fro d good. He made a fairy-tale comeback which is perhaps d most memorable n inspiring in d history of cricket. He is uncoubtedly “the master of comeback”. Think for a while!!!!!! Why he ??? why he had to endure all these????? The answer I simple .”the man of steel, only he had d strength 2 endure all these” A golden era came 2 an end when he decided 2 retire from international cricket after d Border-Gavaskar trophy in 2008. an applauding retirement with a victory. However the place he has left vacant can never be fulfilled by anyone. But does a bold man ike him stop with it??? Never. Some said t20 format was not suitable 4 him n others said he I aged now n doesn’t have it in him any more. Attacked with words, he answered them all with his bat. One of the few players 2 have reached the feat of 1000 runs in IPL. n his fielding must have ignited a feeling in everyone’s mind that he has taken some potion which reduces age to 18. This man is surely the master of all trades. Wherever he goes leaves his mark. Whether it’s cricket or TV show, this man with his golden touch turns everything into a big hit. So that is him. from those beautiful cover-drives n sky-touching sixes to expert analysis of d game as commentator via fantastic anchoring of a quiz-show n making it most popular.......... dis man is terrific in everything!!! Mr Sourav Ganguly. His dedication, sincerity, sacrifice and contribution 2 Indian cricket, patriotism on n off d field can never b forgotten. We can never forget him. As a book on him says “Some love Sourav Ganguly, others love to hate him, but no one can simply ignore him This group is 4 all those who love him. Come n join us. It’s all about loving DADA. We can never forget him. He can never retire from our heart. N above all, he is such a great inspiration, there’s so much 2 learn from him. ”. the “unbeatable” , the “unstoppable”, the “comeback-king”, the “leader”, the “motivator” , the “living legend”, “Maharaja of cricket”, “Prince of Kolkata” “God of off-side”, “Royal Bengal Tiger”. “Sourav Ganguly”….the name says it all.

Dad's Name : Chandi Das Ganguly 
Wife's Name : Dona Ganguly


Ganguly was born to a life of luxury and comfort as he was the son of an affluent printer. Ganguly is perhaps one of the richest Indian cricketer of recent times. Ganguly's father presides over a big joint family of over 50 people, though they all do not live in the same house. There are 22 bedrooms in his house, and the family possesses over 20 cars.

His first step towards cricket
Ganguly's first step towards cricket was a happy accident of fate: Ganguly was not encouraged to play cricket because his parents wanted him to focus on his studies. But his elder brother Snehasish was an accomplished cricketer. He was a left-hander so Sourav simply followed his brother and started playing with left hand. It was convenient for him because he could thus use his brother's cricket equipment; for his fans, it was a blessed stroke of luck, for the joys of the left-handed drive in cricket surpass almost everything else. One fine day during his holidays, Sourav asked his father to get him enrolled in a cricket academy as he was finding difficult to pass his time.

An under-15 Orissa cricket team happened to be in Calcutta, and Sourav happened to smash them with a century. Young 
Sourav had found his métier. But the pain was yet to come. A hundred (121) for East Zone against West Zone in the Duleep Trophy in 1991 earned Sourav a place on the tour of Australia in 1991-92. He was played in only one One-day International 
match and was then forgotten for over four years. He thought that his career as an international cricketer was over as he was ridiculed as a non-talent, and it was alleged that he had 'attitude problems'. They said he refused to carry drinks for his teammates, he was too high-headed and arrogant, he behaved like a Maharaja, an emperor. None of it was true, says Sourav. But the labels stuck, and Sourav was a forgotten man. He was left alone to sort out his career, and to reinforce his shattered confidence, with some help from an English rugby team sports psychologist.

Success at last !
But fate had more surprises in store. Sourav was chosen to tour England with the Indian team in 1996. Navjot SinghSidhu, his roommate on the tour, chose to walk out of the team after a misunderstanding with captain Azharuddin, while Sanjay Manjrekar was injured. Sourav thus got a chance to make his Test debut. There was a crescendo of criticism on his selection for the tour; that the Bengal lobby was at the base of his inclusion was the harsh and unanimous verdict. But all that lasted only till the second Test at Lord's where he blasted a superb century.

As a person
Sourav Ganguly is a quiet, unassuming, undemonstrative man with nerves of steel. As the current captain of the team, Ganguly's aggressive batting and big scores testify to the fact that he has learnt to deal with pressure and the burden of leading the country does not constraint him. In fact, the responsibility seems to have had an encouraging effect; he is beginning to emerge from the shadow of Sachin Tendulkar. Sourav is a deeply religious person and observes a fast every Tuesday.

His marriage
He is married to Dona, who was a next-door neighbour to the Ganguly family. Their fathers were once friends but the relationship was strained and the young couple got married under cover. It was a typical Hindi movie love story where the hero and heroine are separated by their parents and so they run off to get married. And like the movie ends their families too reconciled but only in the end i.e. after the marraige. 

His first love
You all will be surprised to know that 'Football' is Saurav's first love. He played for his school football team for four years. But since there were not many opportunities in football, he shifted to cricket. This shift of game was because of his father, who made him join a cricket coaching club. His father Mr. Chandi Ganguly had also played for the state. 

His Secret
Now we will tell you a private habit of your favourite cricketer.............The first thing Saurav does after he checks into a hotel room is to place the portrait of goddess Kali and the picture of his wife Dona on his bed side table. For this Bengal Tiger there
is nothing more relaxing than watching Dona (his wife who is a classical dancer)perform a dance routine.

Ganguly was appointed the Captain of the Indian cricket team in February, 2000.
Ganguly was the Man of the Series in the New Zealand-India 5 match ODI series in November 1999.
Ganguly made a mammoth 183 against Sri Lanka in
 World Cup 1999, which, at that time, was the Highest ODI Score by an Indian, beating Kapil Dev's Record of 175*.
Ganguly was the Man of the Series in the Pepsi Cup 1999 (March-April) for scoring 278 runs and taking 6 wickets in total.
Saurav Ganguly has the distinction of being one of the few players in the World to Score a century and take 4 wickets in the same match. (ODIs)
Saurav Ganguly along with Tendulkar forms the 4th Best Opening Pair in the History of One-day cricket.
Saurav Ganguly and Tendulkar were involved in a World Record Opening Partnership of 252.
Saurav Ganguly scored a Century on Debut at Lords in 1996, and went on to score a century in the very next match as well.
Saurav Ganguly was named Sport star Person of the Year 1998. He also won the Arjuna Award in 1998.
Saurav Ganguly was the Highest Run-Scorer for India in ODIs in 1997.
In the Sahara Cup 1997, Saurav Ganguly set a new World Record for 5 consecutive Man of the Match Awards. He was also the Man of the Series.

Reasons which make Sourav Dada greater than anyone else !!
by Sourav Ganguly (DaDa) on Monday, April 4, 2011 at 11:31pm
people who dont have the guts to stand up for what is right, cant be idols and leaders...
1.Sachin faced great difficult
ies after the bettin and match fixing case--Who Pulled him up???-Sourav Ganguly
2. Rahul dravid was on the verge of getting left out from the indian Team... Who made him a Wicketkeeper so that he could stay in the team???-Sourav Ganguly and what did he get in return From Dravid and Chappel-Sourav ganguly was Thrown out of the squad.
3. Who sacrificed his opening Position so that Sehwag Could Open for India--Sourav ganguly
4. Who was the Man behind Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singhs Success-Sourav Ganguly..
5. Who was the One Who taught the concept of haaving Young Players and Looking into eye of the opposition-Sourav Ganguly...
6.When dhoni was sure to lose his position in Indian Cricket team, who pulled him up to number 3 Slot-Sourav Ganguly-Result-Dhoni scores a Century..
7.Who believed in irfan pathan and made him open the bowling against The Aussies-Sourav Ganguly
8. Who scored fastest 2000, 3000 , 5000, 7000, 8000, 9000 runs in ODI from India to start off with-Sourav Ganguly-That means he was the most Consistent

A Leader who can stand up for the Truth and Produce Results and Create Leaders is the Best performer on Earth.

Sports or any spheres in Life Needs Leaders and its a rare resource...

Sourav ganguly is a Man of integrity and had it in him what it takes to be a leader..

The Last Point- If BBCI had let Ganguly play for 20 years without questioning his position in the Team and Without adding The Cruel pressure..he would have been atleast the Highest One Day internation Run scorer... People have forgotten Sachin tendulkars Bad phases where critiques thought his career was over but since the mumbai lobby was strong they let him play the way he wanted...

Sourav ganguly (DaDa) : The engineer of the new India
by Sourav Ganguly (DaDa) on Saturday, February 12, 2011 at 1:00pm
He was dubbed as the bad boy of cricket as he opened his T-shirt at the Lord’s balcony in delight after slapping the Pom
s in the Natwest series finals. He just gave Flintoff the answer what he did in Mumbai 6 months ago. He was criticized but Flintoff wasn’t. To me Dada did it right. You have to give the answer on the face if you are to survive the toughness of international cricket. Ganguly with that gesture gave a message to the world that India doesn’t meawo anymore but they can slap on anybody’s face.

For more than a decade team India were hero at home and were raped badly abroad. The dawn of the last decade though marred by match-fixing controversies but it also saw the change of a team under the astute captaincy of Ganguly. He transferred self belief and aggression amongst the Indians.

Under him Dravid developed as the wall, Laxman found his silky touch, Bhajji danced the Bhangra and Kumble rediscovered himself while the young Zaheer Khan developed as the fast bowler to be afraid of. No Indian captain would have risked with Sehwag to open but Ganguly made that happen. From top-order to the lower order India changed. It has now the best opening pair in Test cricket and the middle-order to be afraid by all while the bowlers found aggression which in the 90’s were absent. India were no more a team depended on Tendulkar.

No Indian captain in the past dared to point fingers or support the junior players but Ganguly assured the young guns place in the team and had always been behind them whenever they were in need. A leader in true sense of terms.

Under him India scripted epics in the last decade and India’s current domination in world cricket is only because of the Dada. Controversy haunted him, the press crucified him but they all forget to thank the Dada. He has given the Bengali people from Bangladesh and those from Kolkata a special gladness which cannot be expressed in words.

The IPL franchise had snubbed him but that is never to change the respect and love for the Dada. If Kapil Dev has given India a rise in 1983 then Dada has given India a new birth- a new life.

Dada is the Tiger of India, the engineer of the new Indian cricket.

Comeback History of Dada
by Sourav Ganguly (DaDa) on Thursday, February 17, 2011 at 11:54am

1. He was sent back on 1992 from Australia series in excuse of ‘He is most arrogant player’ DADA hurted and came back after 4yrs 1996 lords debut t
est century 137...
2. After getting chance in two ODI in home series suddenly he was dropped from first eleven in 1st ODI against Pakistan in Sahara Cup 1997. He got chance again when a team mate injured. 2nd to 5th match he was awarded four consecutive record still unbroken.
3. After losing against Zimbabwe in 1999 WC his 183 against srilanka India came back strongly.
4. 1999 WC against Pakistan DADA couldnot play as he was injured. Ajay Jadeja told to media that sourav ganguly ran away from the speed of Shoiab Akhter. After world cup there was a triangular series in Australia where India and Pakistan also participated. Sourav Ganguly made 141* against the pace attack of Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis and Shoiab Akhter. Even after the match asked whether still anybody has doubt about his capability. 
5. His leadership helped India to stop Australia Test winning row at the Eden garden. Laxman made 281 and Dravid 181.
6. 2002 Natwest trophy final in chasing of 326 at lords his 68 in 44 balls is still memorable one stage India was 148/5 still he kept faith on youngstar like yuvraj and kaif to won the trophy. And after winning with his flying shirts from lords balcony team India starts a new journey.
7. Test series against Australia in Australia he made 144 in Brisbane test to lead the team from the fornt. Steve Wagh placed 8 fielders in offside to stop him. But He is God of Offside. Boundary came in regular interval.
8. 2003 WC after completely all out within 125 first match against Australia his gutsy leadership and electrifying batting capability helped team India to reach Final. He made three centuries in a single world cup. This record not even broken by Sachin Tendulkar yet.
9. Sourav Ganguly on 2007 made his 3rd debut with his lottz of compactness even in his On side Test series against South Africa. His gutsy 51 help team India to save the match. After come back He was the most successful test player of the year with lottz of half centuries, centuries and Double Centuries.
10. Same in One day also, he made 98 against against West Indies in 1st ODI after coming back one year.
11. He was asked to quit from cricket though he was in form. Excuse was he become too old. But sachin Dravid and Laxman are still too young even in nowadays.
12. 2008 IPL he picked as the icon player of KKR. He and devid hussy perform well to sin few matches but KKR didn’t perform well as most of player couldnot perform well.
13. 2009 IPL schedule to south Africa DADA asked to quit from his captaincy. KKR ranking was last position in dat particular season.
14. 2010 IPL DADA became 2nd best Indian batsman after Sachin perform well not in batting fielding and bowling as well. But he could not get any support from rest of the team members. Result KKR couldn’t quality Semis due to few close lose...
15. 2011 IPL auction DADA overlooked though he was the 2nd best Batsman of Indian cricket in last season...Its was different issue he made 38 international hundreds how many Indian crickets are there except Sachin???!!!

Still we believe Sourav Will Come Back once again and tell us “Evabe o Fire Asha Jay...!!!!”

Perspective : As Dada Departs (A Marvel Writen on Dada)
by Sourav Ganguly (DaDa) on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 4:33pm
The doors of IPL has firmly shut on Saurav Chandidas Ganguly. The 38-year old former Indian captain is without buyers
 in a tournament where about a hundred odd Indian players found bidders. It was inevitable that he stopped playing at some stage, but to go out this way was not fitting for someone of his stature.

You can never again see him on the field caressing the cricket ball through a packed off-side field. Never again will you see him loft spinners out of the park with disdain. An era has come to an end. Yet very few acknowledge it.

Let us look back on the career of the man to whom, Indian cricket owes a little more than a lot. I don’t think any other cricketer was talked about or discussed as much as 'Dada'. He is the kind of person whom you have to hate or like; you just cannot ignore him.

He would have been the Indian cricketer of this era but for a short man from Mumbai. He did not complain, for he was not as great a batsman as Dravid or a genius like Sachin, but he inspired. He was a star, but a star who was a human, a flawed one at that. He had his flaws and he had his virtues, but he made his virtues count. And, he wore his heart on his sleeves.

The year was 2000, Indian cricket was like a ship caught in the tornado of match fixing. A few heads rolled and the side was left without a captain. Sachin tried his luck and found none.
Enter Ganguly.

In the few years that followed, he ushered in a new era in Indian cricket. He brought in a change and it showed. His boys did not fit the image of the stereotypical meek Indian cricketer. He instilled in his team, a killer instinct and ‘in your face’ attitude. His side was not the best in the world, but it was the best India had in a very long time. And, on its day Ganguly’s boys could make even the mighty Aussies cry. Ganguly found Indian cricket in shambles and left it in a state that was far better than the one in which he found it.

He backed his team to the hilt. He irked the selectors and picked his own men. And, they paid back the captain by winning. The Indian side tasted success and developed a taste for it under Ganguly.

There are leaders who push from the back and there are leaders who march in the front; Ganguly was the latter. Cricket is a game of the mind, and Dada knew it more than most captains. He had no qualms about irking Steve Waugh by making him wait at the toss or shocking the entire cricket fraternity by running bare-chested at the Lord’s. The sight of Dada flinging his t-shirt from the Lord’s Balcony will remain the image of the new era of Indian cricket that is not afraid to attack and thrives on aggression. To him every game was a war, which he had to win.

In a time when Australia was considered unbeatable, Ganguly inspired his team to beat them in their own backyard. Even his critics acknowledge the fact that he was India’s best captain (Oh, he had the results too!)

Ganguly, the captain had his favourites. But, that was because he knew talent when he saw it. He stood by his players, often giving them support like no other captain could and inspiring them to perform. Virender Sehwag, Zaheer Khan, Harbhajan Singh, Yuvraj Singh – they had all been Dada’s favourites and they all owe it to his unflinching support and belief in their abilities. It was Ganguly who spotted the immensely talented Dhoni and pretty soon, he was thrashing the ball around wearing the blues. That’s almost half the current Indian side and then you realise the real contribution Dada made to Indian cricket.

There are very few sights more beautiful in cricket than Sourav Ganguly on song facing a spinner. The seemingly effortless manner in which he lofts them out of the park was surely a sight to behold. His 183 against Sri Lanka in the 1999 world cup could still be giving Muttiah Muralitharan nightmares. Wherever Murali bowled, there was only one place the ball would go; and that was out of the park.
The Aussies tested him with a packed offside ring with seven fielders, but in his prime, he still managed to pierce it and find the fence. He was attacked with short balls, but never did he shy away from playing the pull shot which more often than not, got him out.

Yes, he was lazy between the wickets. Running for runs was not for him. He preferred scoring runs by making the opposition run to the fence.

Ganguly, the batsman was hugely underrated and an under-performer too. For, someone who scored a century in his very first test match, he did not live up to the expectations. But, the careers of some players are more than just the statistics (not that his were bad, he sure could have done better!)

Even if he was terribly out-of-form, his elegant cover drives promised he was just a hit away from being back on top; often to deceive.

Few captains could have inspired their teams the way Dada did. The Indian team’s inspired run into the finals of the 2003 world cup, if only to lose to the Aussies, was a major milestone in the history of Indian cricket.

But, somewhere he went wrong. His batting was in shambles and it reflected on his captaincy. And soon he became the modern day Indian Cricket’s hero who hung around a little too long to see himself become the villain. But that was totally Sourav Ganguly - unpredictable as a roulette wheel.

Ganguly was exciting and fun to watch. You could not predict what would happen the next moment if he was on the field. And, when he was on the field, the battle was always on.

He could have cut a deal with the board and retired in peace, without all the ‘dropping’ controversies. But that would have been so much unlike Dada. He liked to play it as it came. He tested his fate continuously and often emerged on top. And he took failures gracefully, only to come back with a vengeance. He risked the shame and ridicule that would befall him were he to return and fail.

That is a matter of heart. And I guess that is what makes him dear to millions.

No matter how many times he was thrown out, like an unwanted kitten; he always found his way back home – into the team.

Lesser mortals would have given up, then and there. But not Ganguly. He went back to playing Ranji cricket, got himself selected into the national team again. And in his last season as an international cricketer, he was India’s top run getter in tests and second in the world.

He had made his point. Hit his critics back where it hurt the most. And then he called it a day.

His tryst with the IPL was a normal one, if you ask me. But, he was the best, KKR had, and in the last edition of IPL, he pulled off some age-defying diving catches and big hits. He still had some cricket left in him.

As far as I am concerned, Indian cricket lost a viewer the day Sourav retired and IPL lost one this week.

One might think that this is the last time he is making the headlines. But, with Ganguly, you never know!

Dada will surely be missed.

Sourav Ganguly
following is a line from the documentary on our Dada directed by Mitali ghoshal

"a warrior never dies till his death. this is what comes to your mind when you think about a certain character in the world of Indian cricket na
med Sourav Ganguly" (narrated beautifully by none other than the Big B)

success boosts the confidence. it inspires you to strive for your endeavours. but for this man success or failure didn't actually matter. nothing could stop him. this ultimate fighter dared to march forward to win a battle regardless of failure, rejection and humiliation at various points of his life. and perhaps that's why we call him "the warrior prince".

Share with us the very moment when you recognised the unbeatable warrior in him, idolised him and silently he became your hero!!! in that way we can once again remember and cherish those memorable moments which makes the entire country proud of him!!!

The Making of a Phoenix - Unheard Stories of Sourav Ganguly
by Ankul Shetty on Friday, April 15, 2011 at 3:33am
The Great Match

Saurav was in the St.Xavier’s team as a striker. He knew that Don Bosco was a better team, but just could not a
ccept the fact that his own team members were mentally prepared for a defeat already. He went up to Snehasis and asked him:Don Bosco Lilua and St.Xavier’s Kolkata, were the two cut throat competitors in the annual school football match. It was like Brazil playing Arzentina in the World Cup Final, where enthusiasm and emotions ran very high, in an environment which became most electrifying. But, it was mostly Don Bosco Lilua who lifted the trophy. And beating Don Bosco was always like a much cherished dream for the Xaverians.

“I will, and I will also make others play, just like Maradona or Majid does”. “All I can do, Dadabhai is to score goal, and I will only try my best to do that. I won’t ever accept defeat before the last whistle is blown.” “But why should we get defeated again and again. Why can’t we fight back? Underdogs do win, don’t they? Look at Cameroon. If they could stop Argentina, why can’t we stop Don Bosco?” “Dadabhai, why are we so much afraid of Don Bosco?”
Saurav’s inspiration was Maradona and Majid Bascar of the East Bengal Club team. He also donned a No.10 Jersey like them.

Xavier’s won the match, 2-1. Saurav, was playing in the Centre Field, when suddenly somebody passed the ball to him. In a flash he started rushing to Don Bosco Goal with the ball, dodging mid fielders and defenders one after another. He came near the goal post, lobbed the ball with his left feet and hit a hard volley with his right.... The goalie missed it completely and Goaallllllllllllllll !!!!!! No sooner, had the 2nd half started Xavier’s faced a series of attack from the Don Bosco strikers. They tried their best to defend, but attacks were incessant and a leveller seemed impending. Finally at the 65th Minute of play, Don Bosco scored a leveller. It was 1-1 for the two teams now. This triggered an even fiercer attack from Don Bosco, trying to take the lead. Xaverians managed to hold on like this till the 90th minute, and the match went into extra time. Both teams were exhausted but were ready to take on each other for the final few minutes. The D-day had come. The match between Xaviers and Don Bosco had started. Surprisingly Xavier’s managed to score the first goal and managed to keep it 1-0 for the first half of the match.

The inborn ‘never say die attitude’ in Sourav was metamorphosed into a strong self belief, by successes like these, in his childhood. Much later in his career, he was able to infuse this self belief into an ailing Indian Team, in the post Azhar, bribe scam hit era; and transform them into a bunch of fighters who were ready to take on Giants on their own home turf.
"When I went to South Africa, When I boarded the flight I Spoke to myself that Am I get hit , which I would on those Quick wickets. Am I break an arm, break a finger, Am I get killed I'll come back from the series scoring runs" - Sourav Ganguly recalling his comeback tour of South Africa 2006.

The name SOURAV CHANDIDAS GANGULY is one name which people hate to hear the most. What did he do to Indian cricket? Who is he after all? Immediately comes the answer “ CONTROVERSY MAN”. Yes. But did anybody for a second thought why is he called? The answer is NO.

Sourav “instilled steel in the spine of Indian cricket”, the fruits of that effort being enjoyed by the current team. One should hate Ganguly, not just because he is arrogant, not because he is a loudmouth or for the fact that he walks an inch off the ground. My reasons are way above that, to begin with I hate him because he didn’t let the Indian cricketing world stay the way it was. He turned a mellow team into a monster, a team with a genius dependent complex into a halfway self assured team, a sporting loser into a raging tiger.

One should hate Sourav Ganguly, because he earned the respect of players wide enough to call him Dada, but failed to gain the belief of a major chunk of his countrymen who compared his feats to that of a God and called him just a mortal. I hate him for not letting the folks know he didn’t give a damn about being called God. He should’ve told them I’m an ordinary guy with more guts than talent, just call me dada, which would do. I hate you, because you showed flashes of brilliance that made the team realize that yes, maybe even mortals can win a match.

One should hate you, Sourav “Dada” Ganguly, coz you showed the fiery spark a few days back blasting your players, but didn’t realize that you were very much a talentless, flukish man yourself. I hate you for the fact that you expect a bunch of talent-challenged people to win you a trophy. I hate you for not realizing you are not a God who can work wonders, just a fallible and grizzled warrior who stubbornly stands up punch after punch, jab after jab.

Do something “different” or just roll over and die. Apparently you haven’t done enough, Prince of Kolkata ….. how much u do… u still cant be liked… thats ur fate… we Indians dont understand u “DADA” because their mind is not that gutsy and positive to think about you.

He may have been the arrogant, pompous and spoilt child of Indian cricket making the administration dance to his tunes. But to everyone he is Sourav Ganguly - the tiger who showed his bare chest at the sacred birth place of cricket. A videodepicting his character, personality and fighting spirit. Every game for him was a war, which he had to win 

you must also be aware of the fact that in Sri Lanka, Ganguly had run out himself with the groundsmen to pull the cover so that he could protect the pitch his team would be batting last on from deteriorating. Seeing a lady getting drenched outside a store in Colombo (the lady felt tht she was not of proper class to enter a store with so many well dressed cricketers), Sourav himself went out and got her in

1972–89: Early life and introduction to cricket-

Sourav Ganguly was born on 8 July 1972 in Calcutta, and is the youngest son of Chandidas and Nirupa Ganguly. Chandidas ran a flourishing print business and was one of the richest men in the city. Ganguly had a luxurious childhood and was nicknamed the 'Maharaja', meaning the 'Great King'. Since the favourite sport for the people of Calcutta was the game of football, Ganguly was initially attracted to the game. However, academics came in-between his love for sports and Nirupa was not very supportive of Ganguly taking up cricket or any other sport as a career. By then, his elder brother Snehasish was already an established cricketer for the Bengal cricket team. He supported Ganguly's dream to be a cricketer and asked their father to get Gangulyenrolled in a cricket coaching camp during his summer holidays. Ganguly was studying in tenthgrade at that time.
Mrs. Ganguly– The Dancing Queen –
Dona Roy Ganguly, the only child of Sanjeev and Sapna Roy was born on August 22, 1976. Dona hails from a well-known Bengali family; who live next door to the Gangulys. Dona also hails from a well-off family and her father, like Sourav's runs a flourishing printing business in Kolkata. Infact, the two families were once business partners. A yellow colored building next to Sourav's red one, Dona's home has a spacious lawn, a swimming pool and a small wall that seperates the two neighboring houses. Dona was a student of Loreto Convent and pursued her career in classical dance. Dona is known as “Mrs. Sourav Ganguly” around the world, but she would prefer being known as Dona, the Odissi danseuse. In fact, she had become famous long before she married Sourav. Dona pursued dance from a very young age and wanted to become successful in her chosen area of specialization. Her dream was to set up a dance school  for youngsters who were interested  in  this  type of classical dance. Dona began with ‘Kathak’ under the tutelage of Birju Mjaraj’s disciple, Rajen Basubut but after he fell ill, she started Odissi lessons under Giridhari Nayak.
Influenced by her mother to become a dancer, Dona is one of the youngest disciples of the great Late Kelucharan Mahapatra. She began to learn classical dance from Amala Shankar, wife of world famous dancer Uday Shankar. The turning point in Dona’s dancing career came when she shifted to Odissi under the guidance of Guru Giridhari Nayak. The most significant development however, was the encounter with Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra, one of the greatest exponents of Odissi. Under the direct guidance and intensive coaching of the great Guru, Dona has developed her skill and has already proved her talent in Odissi Dance at a number of functions in India and Abroad, to mention a few.
Her performance at the India International Centre in Delhi before a distinguished gathering in 1993 was greeted with splendid reviews in Delhi Press. The “Hindu” states, “The young Odissi dancer groomed under Guru KelucharanMahapatra in the sculpuresque anga suddhi of her dance brings to mind Sanjukta Panigrahi dancing at a tender age.” Dona also performed with great success at the Russian Consulate at Gorki Sadan, PAMEX ’91 Conference at Salt Lake Stadium in Calcutta. Raj BhavanDover Lane dance festival, for the English speaking Union, Dover Lane Music Conference 1995, 1997, Salt Lake Music Festival, Konark Festival, the Indian Museum & for many different international conferencesand many other Dona won a silver medal from late Prof. Nurul Hassan, the Governor of West Bengal, in appreciation of her performance at Raj Bhavan in 1991. She also displayed high performance in Odissi Dance at the Antiquity Festival of Fine Arts held at the Victoria Memorial Hall inCalcutta. Dona also received the prestigious  “Jadubhatta   Puraskar”   awarded   by   the   Salt    Lake   Cultural   Association iRecognition of her performance at the 7th Salt Lake City Music Festival held in January 1994. She received this award from Shri Raghunath Reddi, Governor of West Bengal. Among her other awards are: “Lions Kalakar Award”, “R. D. Burman Memorial Award”, “Uttam Kumar Award”, “Bharat Nirman”, and “Satyajit Award”. She also received a gold medal for her final year Examination of Pracheen Kala Kendra, ChandigarhDona has also performed several times in the USAand UK. She received number of awards for her outstanding performance. Perhaps the most prestigious day in her career as a Odissi dancer was  Frank M. Jordan, the mayor of Sun Francisco city declared July 8, 1995 as "Dona Roy Day". She has been accepted as an Honorary Citizen of Metropolitan Nasville on the 22nd June 1995. She has also received the certificate of Honorary Citizenship from the city of Memphis and also from Shelby Country Tennessee. The Mayor Jim Rout also declared June 24, 1995 as “Dona Roy Day” in Shelby Country. She was invited by the 15th North American Bengali Conference held in New York from June 30 to July 2, 1995 where her performance was appreciated by the 10,000 audience as well as the American Press. She performed all round USAin many cities. The city of Pleasanton welcomed Dona Roy as its Honoured Guest and so did the city ofSunnyvale CaliforniaShe also participated in the Twentieth Anniversary of Kallol of New Jersey. She performed with great success at the 19th North American Bengali Conference held in San Francisco in 1999. She and her troupe performed in the “Bishwa BangaSahitya Sanmelan” held in Calcutta in 2000 with success. She also performed with great success at the Eastwood Theater Hall in Glassgow inScotland along with a couple of shows in Central London like the Bharatiya Bidya Bhavan and Logan Hall in Central London during the summer of 2000. She is an “A” graded artist and a regular performer of CalcuttaDoordarshan. She now runs a Yoga, Dance and Music Centre called “DIKSHA” where she herself teaches Odissi Dance. Dona admits that she was never a great fan of cricket but of course of Sourav, her next-door neighbor. But, now she has to live with cricket. "I am getting used to it", she says. "However, Maharaja has always been supporting me in dancing". Sourav once admitted that Dona did not like too much of cricket as that kept him away from her for long. When asked if Sourav discusses cricket with her, Dona replied: If I start talking cricket, he asks me to shut up.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
1. His full name is Sourav Chandidas Ganguly.
2. He was born in July 8, 1972, Calcutta (now Kolkata), Bengal. According to his date of birth, his zodiac sign is Cancer.
3. His parents -nirupa & chandi ganguly 
4. Sourav married Dona Ganguly.
5. Ganguly is the first left-handed batsman and a right-handed medium-pace bowler.
6. He is naturally right-handed batsman but the reason of his becoming left-handed to use the equipments of his elder brotherSnehasish.
7. Sourav lives in a joint family. His family member is 50 including him.
8. His home in Behala, Kolkata has 48 rooms and his family owns 32 cars.
9. Sourav and Sachin are one of the most successful opening pair ever in one-day cricket (ODI).
10. Sourav never thought to be a cricketer. And his first chosen game was not cricket. Even today, he would rather watch football than cricket on TV.
11. Sourav Ganguly wanted to be a footballer and he continued his football playing till his age of 13 but he took cricket as his elder brother was a cricketer.
12. His favorite position in football is ‘striking’.
13. Sourav maintains a diary in Bengali.
14. Sourav is a very religious person and he always pray before every match.
15. Sourav is called Bengal Tiger, Prince of Calcutta, and Lord Snooty by his opponents and his team mates are called him ‘Dada’ affectionately.
16. Ganguly was the captain of India team from 2000 to 2005. And under his captaincy, India could reach in the final round in 2003.
17. Sourav Ganguly made his One Day International (ODI) debut forIndia team against West Indies in 1992.
18. In his debut match he scored only 3 runs off facing 13 balls.
19. His poor performance left him out from India team but he returned back in international cricket after four years.
20. He made his Test debut at Lord’s against England.
21. He scored hundred in his debut match against England team.
22. He became only the third cricketer to score a century on his debut match at Lord’s after Harry Graham and John Hampshire.
23. In 1997 Ganguly scored his maiden century against Sri Lanka. Opening the innings, he scored 113
24. His best bowling in ODI is 5/16 off 10 overs.
25. After a barren run in Test cricket his form returned at the end of the year with three centuries in four Tests all against Sri Lanka two of this involved 250+ stands with Sachin Tendulkar.
26. In 1999 world cup Ganguly scored 183 runs against Sri Lanka at tTaunton off facing 158 balls including 17 fours and 7 sixes.
27. He is the second fastest player to reach 10,000 and 11,000 ODI runs.
28. He captained India team in a record 49 Test matches.
29. India got record 21 Test win under his captaincy where 12 matches were out side the Inida.
30. He is the seventh Indian batsmen to score 6000 Test runs.
31. He made a record of most 200+ ODI partnerships along with Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting.
32. He also made a record of 300 runs Partnership in 5th wicket along with Yuvraj Singh.
33. He is also the only player to win 4 consecutive ‘Man of the match’ awards in ODIs.
34. He is the most successful OID captain in India team.
35. Interesting thing is that he is the first Indian who scored an ODI century against Australia in Australia.
36. His career best Test score is 239 against Pakistan in India.
37. He had to face 362 balls where he hit 30 fours and 2 sixes.
38. Sourav got ‘Man of the series’ 2 times in Test and 7 times in ODI.
39. He got ‘Man of the match’ award 4 times in Test and 31 times in ODI.
40. Sourav earns around 7 crores a year just from endorsement and charges 1 crore for each advertisement.
41. Sourav is the third highest OID scorer in the India. He has scored 11363 in 311 ODI’s.
42. Ganguly has the highest Test and ODI aggregate of any left-handed batsman India has produced and his 15 Test and 22 ODI centuries are also a record for any Indian left-hander.
43. He also led India to their first series wins in both Tests and ODIs in Pakistan, a feat that had eluded India for over 50 years.
44. India has never lost a Test match in which Sourav scored a century.
45. He was 20 year old boy when he debut in ODI cricket.
46. Ganguly is only the third Indian Test batsmen to maintain a career average that never dipped below 40 runs per innings for his entireTest career.
47. Sourav also record along with Sachin Tendulkar the highest 1stwicket ODI partnership.
48. He is the third batsman in the list of hitting maximum number of sixes in ODI. He hit 190 sixes in 311 ODI matches.
49. Sourav ans Sachin scored highest 25 times 100 runs partnership in 1 wicket in ODI. The nearest competitor is Adam Gilchrist and Matthew Hayden pair they scored 17 times in 1st wicket.
50. Sourav eats only vegetarian food on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


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